Kentico's Real MVP: BizStream

Project Management
They communicate regularly and/or have a transparent project management process.
They know their stuff and bring that knowledge to a project.
Added Value
They add value to the team and make the project better.
They regularly provide budget updates and alerts to potential overages if needed.
Average: 5 (1 vote)
They bring innovative and unique approaches and solutions to projects.
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Customer Service
Customer service experiences are timely, helpful, and resolved to satisfaction.
Organization Type: 
Professional association/society
Primary Job Function: 
Content Strategy
Years Using Service: 
2-3 years
Organization Revenue: 

BizStream successfully launched our website on a ridiculously tight timeline after our previous developer hit the wall. Originally I'd wanted to work with them, because co-founder Brian McKeiver helped me pro bono the last time I launched Kentico and was the ace up my sleeve.

BizStream is the top implementation firm in the U.S. for Kentico and holds many awards. Brian himself has a direct line to the company and is capable of getting answers quickly and often early--answers that can really help you plan ahead for what to roll out, what to wait on and what to go in another direction with when needed.

Outside of their experitise, BizStream's employees are smart, creative problem-solvers with positive attitudes. They never settle for "good enough" and are point-blank honest with you when to go with a feature in Kentico and when to look outside. I've even had them on calls with competing vendors, giving me honest assessments of what truly is the best option for my company.

If I'm ever implementing Kentico, I'm hiring BizStream. They are located in Michigan--but don't let that deter you (that was the main reason my directors shied away from using them previously, because they weren't local). Brian and Caleb and friends even came out to Washington to do a bespoke training for our staff on our website. Even better, Brian and his colleagues helped us break the mold in terms of both front-end and back-end design, deployed our taxonomy and worked tirelessly with my in-house devs and 3rd-party vendors in complex integrations to ensure our taxonomy works across systems. 

BizStream is strictly a Kentico shop, but they have other amazing skills when it comes to thinking around search design, too. Currently, I am engaged with them on deployed federated search across our various properties using Azure Search, since the complexity of our site isn't a good fit for the out of the box search tool that comes with Kentico.

BizStream also has the flexibility to ramp up production when you need to go full throttle, and the devs are all high quality. Five stars!