Unleashed Tech - Drupal support

Project Management
They communicate regularly and/or have a transparent project management process.
They know their stuff and bring that knowledge to a project.
Added Value
They add value to the team and make the project better.
They regularly provide budget updates and alerts to potential overages if needed.
Average: 2 (1 vote)
They bring innovative and unique approaches and solutions to projects.
Average: 3 (1 vote)
Customer Service
Customer service experiences are timely, helpful, and resolved to satisfaction.
Organization Type: 
Trade association
Primary Job Function: 
Years Using Service: 
1-2 years
Organization Revenue: 
Don't Know

Unleashed Technologies has been our Drupal support vendor for approximately a year, and has supported two of our Drupal websites. In that time they have handled security updates, improvements upon existing site elements, and custom development tasks. It seems that Unelased does have a solid foundation of expertise in all areas of web management. They have been responsive and usually deliver quality work. I would strongly advise to go with their "growth" level of package.  We started with UT on their smallest suport package, which I would caution against unless you have a site that absolutely requires zero improvements or refinements. I don't know if it was the amount of hours budgeted or their internal prioritization of clients, but we found the service provided under this package to be quite lacking. It felt at times that their developers had to relearn the site structure with each task, which was frustrating. Once we upgraded our plan to more hours, this did improve. Also, I should note that Unelashed has a very "a la carte" project management style, meaning that if you don't specifically ask for certain task reports and updates, you will not get them. They expect the client to lead in this regard, and rationalize this approach in the fact that they do not want to waste development hours on project management unless necessary. So, expect them to take a backseat on reporting and need guidance on your expectations. I would recommend Unleashed if you are looking at Drupal support verndors, with just those couple of caveats. Their style might not match yours, but they do know their stuff.